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Keynote Lecture July 4 Sat 8 : 50AM - 10 : 20AM
Moderator Yoshihiro Semoto, Dept of Orthop Surg, Imazu Hosp
Recognizing future potential of MSKUS
Speaker Hideaki Ishida, Dept of Med Gastroenterology, Akita Red Cross Akita Hosp
Luncheon Seminar July 4 Sat 0:30 PM-1:30 PM
Moderator Moroe Beppu, Japan Hip Joint Foundation
THE SEIKEI-NAIKA from Oki island!
Speaker Yoshihiko Shiroishi, Oki Dozen Hosp
Invited Lecture July 4 Sat 1:40 PM-2:40 PM
Moderator Yasuhito Tanaka, Dept of Orthop Surg, Nara Medical Univ
Applications of Ultrasound in Orthopedic Medicine: Diagnosis and Intervention
Speaker Tyng-Guey Wang, Dept of Physical Med and Rehab, National Taiwan Univ
International Symposium July 4 Sat 2:50 PM-3:50 PM
Moderator Hideyuki Goto, Dept of Orthop Surg, Nagoya City Univ
Moderator Yuko Nakashima, Dept of Orthop Surg, Hiroshima Univ
Current Situation of the MSKUS in the World
Speaker 1: USA/Ken Inoue, Konica Minolta Healthcare Co Ltd
Speaker 2: Europe/Youichi Suzuki, SIEMENS Japan Co Ltd
Speaker 3: Korea/Cindy Cha-Young Kim, GE Healthcare Co Ltd
Speaker 4: Hong Kong/Kevin K H Wong, Dept of Orthop Surg, Kwong Wah Hosp
Speaker 5: Taipei/Chueh-Hung Wu, Dept of Physical Med and Rehab, National Taiwan Univ
Evening Seminar July 4 Sat 4:00PM - 5:00PM
Moderator Masao Kurokawa, Dept of Orthop Surg, Saiseikai Suita Hosp
Diagnosis of the shoulder disorders: MRI vs US 2015
Speaker MRI Ryuji Sashi, Dept of Radiology, Yaesu Clinic
Speaker US Hiroshi Minagawa, Joto Orthop Clinic
Fireside Talk July 4 Sat 5:10PM - 7:00PM
Moderator Shu Takahashi, East Aoba Orthop Clinic
Moderator Masashi Matsuzaki, Sonic Japan Co., Ltd.
1) Challenge to the era of smart phone –cutting edge by portable device: Vscan Dual Probe vs Acuson Freestyle
Speaker 1 Naohisa Kamiyama, GE Healthcare Japan Co Ltd.
Speaker 2 Yoichi Suzuki, SIEMENS Japan Co Ltd.
2) New transducer technology is a ultimate spatial resolution come true: SONIMAGE HS1
Speaker Masahumi Ogasawara, KONICA MINOLTA Healthcare Co Ltd
3) Visualization of micro-blood-flow, opening the door of the new world: Superb Micro-vascular Imaging
Speaker Takehumi Sato, TOSHIBA Medical Systems Co Ltd
4) Quantification of soft tissue hardness: Elastography vs Tissue Strain Analytics
Speaker 1 Tsuyoshi Matsumura, HITACHI-ALOCA Medical Co Ltd
Speaker 2 Youichi Suzuki, SIEMENS Japan Co Ltd
5) The latest user-interface seeking for the most user friendly device: Xario & Sonimage HS1
Speaker 1 Yasunori Horie, TOSHIBA Medical Systems Co Ltd
Speaker 2 Ken Inoue, KONICA MINOLTA Healthcare Co Ltd
6) Shocking new technology making impossible possible
Speaker Kyosuke Irie, Microsonic Co Ltd

Morning Seminar July 5 Sun 8:00AM - 9:00AM
Moderator Katsumasa Sugimoto, Nagoya Sports Clinic
Ultrasound guided rehabilitation technique for the treatment of sacro-iliac joint pain
Speaker Norio Hayashi, Faculty of Nursing and Rehab, Chubugakuin University
Luncheon Seminar July 5 Sun Noon - 1:00PM
Moderator Tsukasa Kumai, Dept of Orthop Surg, Nara Medical Univ
Ultrasonography-guided myofascia release injection without local anesthetics
Speaker Tadashi Kobayashi, Dept of General Med, Hirosaki Univ
Panel Discussion July 5 Sun 1:10PM - 1:50PM
Turf battle of the MSKUS
Moderator Masahiro Nagaoka, Dept of Orthop Surg, Nihon Univ
Moderator Hirofumi Ohgiya, Ohgiya Orthop Clinic
1) The role of pain clinician in the musculoskeletal ultrasound
   Kieun Park, Paku Pain Clinic
2) The reason why general physicians in Japan are getting passionate about musculoskeletal ultrasonography at primary care setting
   Tadashi Kobayashi, Dept of General Med, Hirosaki Univ
3) The barrier against popularization of musculoskeletal ultrasound
   Soichi Hattori, Dept of Sports Med, Kameda Medical Center
4) The roll of musculoskeletal ultrasound in orthopedic practice at university hospital
   Jun Sasahara, Dept of Orthop Surg, Teikyo Univ
5) One-stop medical care using musculoskeletal sonography
   Shu Takahashi, East Aoba Orthop Clinic
Congress President Lecture July 5 Sun 1:50PM- 2:30PM
学問寛仁 -Paradigm Shift of Orthopedics Diagnosis and Treatment-
Speaker Hiroshi Minagawa, Joto Orthop Clinic